Wes Lucus

Mr. Wes Lucus loves learning, and he loves teaching. His ideal life would be to take classes on psychology, communication, and business, and then teach what he’s learned to students of all ages. He’s excited to be teaching Entrepreneurship classes at The Arbor.
Mr. Lucus started his first entrepreneurial venture at 15 years of age and has built and sold several businesses since then. He has experience in building, running, and selling small businesses, as well as in peak performance and human potential. He is constantly deepening his understanding of mindset, business, and relationships, having trained with Tony Robbins and several others. He has worked with entrepreneurs, salespeople, and individuals all over the world – helping them to master their mindset and maintain consistent progress toward their goals. He has conducted training and workshops and consulted for several businesses in the areas of growth, sales, motivation, and team building.
Mr. Lucus lives in Orange County, CA with his wife who teaches music at The Arbor and 2 children.  He enjoys philosophy, entrepreneurship, his family, and an opportunity to explore the unknown. In addition to teaching at the Arbor, he supports entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals in workshops, mastermind groups, and private coaching.