Raina Royale

Assistant Director

Ms. Raina Hodge Royale is a California native with a New York state of mind. Born in Hollywood, raised in the Inland Empire and educated on Long Island, Ms. Royale holds a unique perspective on education and administration. After many years in corporate occupations, she identified education to be her passion. Having earned an Associate Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education, currently, Ms. Royale is seeking an Administrative Credential from Cal Poly Pomona and plans to obtain a Master’s degree in Counseling from Cal State Fullerton in 2020. She truly enjoys teaching, mentoring, and motivating her students to set goals and achieve them with vigor. Specializing in language arts and public speaking, she encourages articulate discussions, healthy debate, and seeks to empower her mentees to communicate with confidence and candor.

As a mother of a gifted child, Ms. Royale values the importance of varied educational methods to reach any and every student right where they are. She creates a personal connection with her students and believes in learning as a lifestyle!

When Ms. Royale is not teaching, she finds joy in physical fitness and athletics. You will often find her playing outside with her students and laughing with her colleagues. Prior to teaching, she was a coach and flight attendant and has traveled to many countries in her studies, including Italy, Barbados, and Belize. She is open-hearted and loves to try new things and share her experiences. Ms. Royale believes in the power of positivity and looks to share her joy and enthusiasm with all she encounters.