Patricia Anderson


Patricia Anderson is not afraid of challenges! After becoming parents to two bright and witty children, Patricia and her husband decided that she would homeschool them. Little did she know that this decision would pave the way for her to return to one of her earlier loves – acting. As a young college student, she was introduced to a theater class, which lead to more classes and film and commercial workshops. The long commutes to Los Angeles did not detract her, she was hooked!

Patricia had lead and supporting roles in local plays in Orange, Pasadena, and Los Angeles counties. She also participated in intense summer programs at South Coast Repertory, which left fond memories of the intensity and vibe of a live audience that is different each night.

Three years ago, after a 12 year hiatus to focus on her marriage, motherhood and homeschooling, she was asked to teach a theater class to teenagers; and create and direct a talent show for grades K-12th. She wasn’t about to turn this down! She has been pleasantly surprised and challenged by her new role in the theater arts. Patricia said, “the great thing about acting is that it doesn’t matter how old you are. There will always be a part waiting for you. I’ve clearly underestimated the excitement behind the scenes. I’m hooked once again!”

Patricia continues to enjoy teaching theater to students, and planning and directing talent shows for young people. In her spare time, she enjoys the physical challenge of boxing, kickboxing and strength conditioning, and movie night with her husband and two kids along with good food and dessert!