Mandi Ramirez

Assistant Director

Ms. Mandi Ramirez was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. After an incredible experience at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she identified her love for school as her passion. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a “plan” to be a large animal veterinarian specializing in race horses; instead she found teaching youth to be a better fit. After college, she lived and taught high school agriculture sciences in the farming community of Soledad. She worked with the FFA organization promoting student leadership, helped many students achieve higher education and employment goals after high school, and discovered a passion for leadership in education.

Eight years ago the growth of her family prompted a move back to southern California to be closer to siblings and parents. Since then Ms. Ramirez has substituted yearly within her children’s school district, taught science classes in a Catholic high school, helped to make 4th grade history tangible through a Hands on History education program, worked for the marketing department of the NHRA, and most recently developed a community education and academic enrichment program for a Children’s Center.

Ms. Ramirez finds her happiness grows when she is cooking with family, camping with her children, spending time with her Dad at the horse races, watching her son play baseball, and coaching her daughter in softball. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, a Saturday morning hike, and a good conversation.

Please join in welcoming Ms. Ramirez to The Arbor Learning Community!