Kinsey Aragon


Ms. Kinsey grew up in Diamond Bar, California. She has her Bachelors in communication from Cal State Fullerton as well as her teaching certification. She was a kindergarten teacher for two years prior to having started her family and deciding to be a stay at home mom when her husband’s job moved them to Texas. Not only was she homeschooled herself from third grade until she graduated high school at the age fifteen but she now has three children of her own who she is homeschooling. She began teaching again at the Center for Home Education in Fort Worth, Texas 3 years ago. She taught Kindergarten and 1st grade math and reading as well butterfly science and cultural studies to 1-3rd grade. A year ago, after her husband’s job moved them back to California she began teaching history, reading and science for 1st and 2nd grade in Rancho Cucamonga at A Plus Tutoring for their home school classes. Seeing children find a love for learning is a passion for Kinsey, she loves making learning come to life and believes that children should want to learn, so her goal as teacher is to excite them through her lessons.

In her spare time she loves taking adventures with her children. They enjoy hiking, running, biking, the beach, museums and camping.