Kim Megyesi

Director and Founder

Ms. Megyesi grew up in Ohio, graduated summa cum laude from Mount Union College, and has been a credentialed teacher for over 15 years. Before starting The Arbor, she taught English in Japan, pre-algebra in Westminster, homeschool math classes, and was a math tutor for ten years. She has also been a homeschooling mom for over five years. With such a variety of teaching experiences, she is always learning something new along the way! Ms. Megyesi has a GATE certificate and is passionate about educational opportunities for gifted kids.

Ms. Megyesi started The Arbor in answer to her younger daughter’s request for a place to have lots of science classes. “I dodged her question many times until finally I decided I would give it a try!” Lena had two special requests — one for the tinkering club and the second that the community be a place where kids would help one another feel comfortable!

Aside from teaching and being a mom, Ms. Megyesi also enjoys traveling, speaking Japanese, learning to play the piano, photographing nature, acting, and writing poetry.