Janet Berry


Janet Berry is a southern California native. She holds both a Master of Arts in Rhetorical History and Speech Criticism and a Master of Divinity. Janet began her career as a public high school history, social studies, and dance teacher. After three years, she transitioned to a private junior high school where she taught English for 4 years. After teaching English, she transitioned to school administration where she served two years as School Counselor and one year as Vice-Principal.

After ten years in education, Mrs. Berry began her career as a pastor. For the past 32 years, she has focused the majority of her pastoral leadership on the educational development and personal empowerment of adults, children, and youth.

Mrs. Berry is married to Frank Berry, a university professor and life-long educator. Janet loves life and all forms of fun, particularly: musical theater, the ballet, opera, film, roller coasters, and entertaining at home.