Debra Comire


Mrs. Debra Comire is a born and bred Californian.  She has a degree in Child Development as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University Fullerton. She met her husband while they were both attending CSUF.  After teaching second grade for two years, and then a second/third grade GATE combo class, she took a break from the public teaching world when her first daughter was born.  

She has been homeschooling her daughters since before 2007. Through homeschooling she has enjoyed and continues to enjoy spending time with, going on field trips and adventures, and seeing first-hand the learning and growing moments of her children. It is a priceless gift. Her older two children attend a school of the arts, while she continues to homeschool her youngest. With her family she enjoys playing games, spending time at the beach, going camping in the mountains and at the beach, going on road trips, and watching movies together; especially Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. 

Mrs. Comire loves to be involved in the homeschooling world and loves the Arbor.  She discovered the Arbor when her oldest was in 6th grade as she was looking for a place for her children to experience a learning setting with knowledgeable teachers, and other students that was also a homeschool minded place.  The Arbor was a perfect fit! She has enjoyed serving on the Arbor Board, and volunteering as a break and lunch supervisor. Getting to know the wonderful children who attend the Arbor has been such fun.  

One of the joys of homeschooling has been to share her love of literature with her children.  She loves working with other students.  It is with much excitement that she will share her love of learning and literature here at the Arbor!