Alida Chacon

Program Coordinator

Ms. Chacon was born in Cuba and raised in Southern California. She earned an Associate of Arts degree from Cerritos College. In 1986, she began her career as a preschool teacher, then as assistant director and finally director of Old River School preschool program in Downey. She continued to learn about different educational pedagogy as an autodidact. She used that knowledge to launch a successful preschool program and later, an after-school, school-aged program, all while she homeschooled her two youngest children.

Along with her husband of 20 years, Ms. Chacon has four children and a grandchild. Her favorite moments always involve family: a morning cup of coffee with her father, shopping with her mom, baking with her youngest daughter, attending seminars with her oldest son, playing the piano with her youngest son, talking on the phone with her oldest daughter, reading to her granddaughter, and any time alone she can spend with her husband, which usually involves hiking. Homeschooling her children for the past 12 years has reignited a love of learning. Any free time is usually spent with her nose in a book. She reads mostly non-fiction books on education and learning but has recently, thanks to her daughters, discovered some amazing young-adult novels.

Ms. Chacon’s children started attending The Arbor in 2017 and she began volunteering soon after. She recently served on the Board of Directors and continues to look for ways to be of service to The Arbor Learning Community.