Adriane Tsai


Adriane Tsai was homeschooled since first grade and started taking art lessons at age 5. Adriane has always loved all kinds of art and creating—from hand-making jewelry and hand-sewing stuffed animals to making dresses for her Barbies and performing in musicals with Biola Youth Theatre.

At age 13 she started studying art at Fullerton college and by the age of 18 completed 2 arts certifications in Entertainment Arts and Illustration. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and a private art teacher. Adriane specializes in digital art: visual development, character design, and children’s book illustration. She especially loves fantasy, nature, and bringing a child-like imagination to life. You can find her work on Instagram @theartofadriane.

When she isn’t drawing, her other enjoyments include board games, fashion, tea lattes, and watching dancing and cooking competitions.