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Arbor Online Class Schedule

Arbor 2020-2021 Calendar

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Twice per week classes meet on Tuesdays and Fridays
Schedule Subject to Change
Exploring level classes are entirely hands-on experiments and activities; there is minimal writing or reading and minimal or optional at-home work. No pre-requisite knowledge.
Discovering level classes are mostly comprised of hands-on experiments and activities; there is some writing, reading, and note-taking; at-home work, if assigned, will be limited in scope and duration. No pre-requisite knowledge.
Investigating level class time includes activities, experiments, analysis, and discussions, as well as reading, writing, and note-taking; required at-home work is an integral part of the class. 
Scholar level class time will incorporate lectures, reading, writing, and note-taking, as well as activities, experiments, and guided conversations. Current events and social topics may be discussed. At-home work is an essential component of the class; outside of class, students should count on spending a significant amount of time reading, researching, and/or writing.