14-Week Fall 2020 Session: August 31st-December 13th


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Arbor Fall 2020 Schedule

Arbor 2020-2021 Calendar

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Exploring level classes are entirely hands-on experiments and activities; there is minimal writing or reading and minimal or optional at-home work. No pre-requisite knowledge.
Discovering level classes are mostly comprised of hands-on experiments and activities; there is some writing, reading, and note-taking; at-home work, if assigned, will be limited in scope and duration. No pre-requisite knowledge.
Investigating level class time includes activities, experiments, analysis, and discussions, as well as reading, writing, and note-taking; required at-home work is an integral part of the class.
Scholar level class time will incorporate lectures, reading, writing, and note-taking, as well as activities, experiments, and guided conversations. Current events and social topics may be discussed. At-home work is an essential component of the class; outside of class, students should count on spending a significant amount of time reading, researching, and/or writing. 


In order to be flexible to the needs of the community next year, we are planning to offer Arbor Fall 2020 classes in person, but will include features and learning opportunities accessible online.  This will allow any student who is unable to attend in person for a period of time to keep up with their learning at home. If local and state guidelines cause us to move classes online again for a period of time, we will use these existing structures in conjunction with live online classes to support student learning.