Entrepreneurship, Once Per Week

February 25, 2020 - 4 minutes read

15 Students Maximum

Prerequisite: 9th grade or higher OR teacher approval.

Required Materials: Materials will be provided electronically; writing supplies and paper may be required; papers may need to be printed. Other materials may be required pending updates.


Fall Session: Starting Your Own Business

Careers are changing faster than ever. New jobs are being created, others are disappearing, and the future is unpredictable. Preparing our children for a specific career is no longer a reliable plan for success. They must be ready to adapt to whatever the future brings. That’s why the Entrepreneur mindset is so important to learn. Not only to teach students how to be free to create your own income, but also to recognize needs, adapt to changes, and innovate solutions. In this class, students will have hands-on experience in aspects of entrepreneurship. Each student will create a business from idea to business plan, with the opportunity to implement it as a real income source. They will work independently on their own project to become familiar with:

– Identifying income opportunities
– Defining a Product or Service
– Understanding the Customer
– Working with Money
– Clearly explaining their idea
– Selling and Proposing Solutions
– Branding and Marketing their Business

Spring Session: Professional Communication

Success in the professional world depends on only a few skills. The most critical is the ability to communicate effectively. Whether you will need to give advice or teach, or sell, or lead others, the way you communicate will make a huge impact on your results. This class will prepare students for success in any career by exploring communication strategies for specific professional contexts.

– Interviewing
– Negotiation
– Sales
– Marketing

At Home Work: Students will continue to work on projects and research at home, estimated 1 hour per week.

Please note that The Arbor is not a credit-granting institution and provides neither report cards nor transcripts; some charter schools for whom we are a vendor may grant high school and/or a-g credit for work completed in Arbor classes; please inquire with your charter.

An online grade book will be used for each high school class and may be shared by families with their charter teacher. Some Arbor teachers may offer an alternative syllabus and grade book for a non-a-g track option and/or an honors track option; please check with each teacher for details.

All high school classes require a year-long commitment and a non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 per class, due at the time of registration. Your private payment portion or the first payment of your payment plan is due within two weeks of registration; if paying with instructional funds, POs for four fall months are due on August 13th and for five spring months are due on December 10th. Please review all payment policies on our Registration page and on our High School page.

Students joining mid-year need prior experience with the subject matter and teacher permission and/or assessment.

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