High School Biology, twice/week

March 29, 2019 - 2 minutes read

12 students maximum

Prerequisite: 9th-grade reading skills; basic knowledge of cells and life science; completion of Pre-algebra with a B or better

Required Materials: Textbook: Biology, Miller and Levine 2019 student edition Click Here

Description: This comprehensive course will cover all major topics typically covered in a high school level biology course with an emphasis on laboratory investigations. Students will begin their studies by examining the chemistry of life. Next, we will delve into the intricate workings of the cell, examining cell structure and processes. This will lead us into how proteins are made and the exciting field of genetics. Further topics of study will include: evolution, ecology, taxonomy, zoology, botany and human biology. This is a high school level academic course, and enrolled students should be committed to daily study (five days per week). A textbook resource and lab notebook will be required. Students will take class notes; perform lab experiments and dissections (including a frog); complete lab reports; and participate in class activities designed to reinforce core concepts in biology. Students will be expected to complete assigned reading and written homework, as well as research papers, one long-term project, and class presentations.

Ms. Stephanie will have Office Hours on Wednesdays from 1:45-3:00.  There is no additional fee and no need to sign up; students may attend whenever they would like.

At-home Work: One to two hours daily five days per week including reading, homework assignments, research papers, presentations, take-home tests, and one long term project.

This is a year-long class; it is assumed that fall students will continue in the spring; spring class: $650/Spring  Session. Students joining mid-year must have prior experience with High School Biology and teacher permission