High School United States History, twice/week

March 27, 2019 - 3 minutes read

12 students maximum

Prerequisite: That the student is in high school, being able to read high school level text fluently and write efficiently at the high school level.

Required Materials: Textbook: American Anthem Modern American History California Edition (Holt) Click Here
ISBN-13: 978-0030432996  ISBN-10: 0030432995, A computer at home to type reports or assignments and log into the class portal or grade book. In class: A spiral bound notebook and folder for note taking and keeping class handouts.

Description: In this course we will begin by learning about the roots of American history from the colonial years and Civil War while then taking a special focus on the Modern Era including the 20th century and beyond. The class will cover American history in chronological order with special emphasis on certain themes that include: domestic and cultural issues, foreign engagements and conflicts, policy and Supreme Court cases that changed history, people who shaped our nation, and a general understanding of how the United States developed and defined itself in the last 150 years. Students will engage in class discussions and note-taking, written activities including research assignments and creative historical fiction, class presentations, cultural assignments including independently visiting museums and independently watching films related to content covered, and other inter-disciplinary projects. The goal of the class is to provide multiple view points on US History while enriching student understanding of how our past shapes our present.

Mrs. Sarkar will have Office Hours on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:45.  There is no additional fee and no need to sign up; students may attend whenever they would like.

At-home Work: Students will have both short and long-term assignments. The short term assignments will be reading comprehension questions for most of the sections, read at home. Students will share their responses during class. Assignments will be checked by the teacher on the day they are due. Long term assignments will include study guides to prepare students for the end of session finals, as well as some writing assignments including research reports and reflections/historical fiction journal entries. Students should expect 30-45 minutes of homework per day 4 days a week.

This is a year-long class; it is assumed that fall students will continue in the spring; spring class: $550/Spring Session. Students joining mid-year must have prior experience with High School United States History and teacher permission.