About Us

The Arbor provides secular customizable learning opportunities to inquisitive, gifted, and twice-exceptional students in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment. In-person and online academic and enrichment classes for students in first grade through high school include science, writing, literature, math, history and social science, art, robotics, coding, and chess. Classes are engaging, feature deep-learning, and foster creative and critical thinking and are small with a typical student-teacher ratio of 12:1 or lower. Arbor teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and dynamic in their presentation. The Arbor is a regional leader in providing educational options where learners can thrive intellectually and socially.

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Our Vision

To be a regional leader in customizable education providing inquisitive, gifted, and twice-exceptional learners with opportunities to thrive intellectually and socially. 

Our Mission

To provide secular customizable learning opportunities that are engaging, feature deep-learning, and foster creative and critical thinking to elementary, middle, and high school students in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment.

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Our Program

-Class schedules are customizable, classes are multi-grade level, and topics are both traditional and out-of-the-box so that families can select classes to match their students' needs, interests, and skills. 

-Classes are small in size to foster interactions among students and between teachers and students. 

-Classes deemphasize competition and instead emphasize collaboration and authentic learning and growth. 

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-Classes introduce students to in-depth content knowledge and fuel students' curiosity to continue learning outside of class. 

-Classes are engaging and interactive in order to facilitate students' construction of their own content knowledge. 

-Classes foster creative and critical thinking through investigations such as analysis and synthesis of complex issues, interdisciplinary investigations, and "What if?" type explorations. 

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Class Environment

-The class environment is welcoming; each student is a significant contributor in the learning experience. 

-The class environment is inclusive; diverse voices and perspectives are incorporated and valued. 

-The class environment is supportive; classes have built in flexibility for varied student skill levels.