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2022-2023 Class Times & Calendar

Sponsored Arbor Classes

  • What is the Sponsored Arbor Class program?

    The Sponsored Arbor Class program is a partnership between The Arbor and Arbor families who have a desire to take an Arbor class that will not be added to the 2022-2023 schedule until a better understanding of community interest can be determined. While Sponsored Arbor Classes are not limited to year-long and high school, all year-long and high school classes will only be added to the 2022-2023 schedule through the Sponsored Arbor Class Program. Sponsored Arbor Classes will be taught and designed by Arbor teachers and take place at Arbor-approved facilities.

  • What is a Class Sponsor and What Does the Class Sponsor Do?

    The Class Sponsor's role begins by reaching out to other interested families with similar requested classes on the Shared Contact List. Once a Class Sponsor has gathered sufficient interest in a common class, they would facilitate discussions to determine common availability for the 2022-2023 year and work to determine how the required deposit would be shared (if applicable) across the identified Class Sponsor(s). At this point, the identified Class Sponsor(s) would complete the Class Sponsorship Form to notify The Arbor of their formal request to add a class to the 2022-2023 schedule. Once The Arbor creates a specific Sponsored Class list, the Sponsor(s) would help the Arbor collect all of the identified interest list on the new Sponsored Class List within the Shared Contact List. They would continue to act as the point of contact as The Arbor explores whether the class can be added to the schedule. If an Arbor teacher and classroom are available at the requested times, The Arbor will reach out to the Class Sponsor(s) to collect the non-refundable deposit.

    The Class Sponsor(s) ensures that the deposit is paid once the class is added to the 2022-2023 schedule. The Class Sponsor(s) is also responsible for coordinating any payment required to meet the Minimum Class Fulfillment Price for the class by July 1, 2022 should class enrollment fail to meet the minimum requirement by that date. Deposits and payments are made to The Arbor directly, but the Class Sponsor(s) would be responsible for communicating with the Arbor office how the payments will be made by the collective Class Sponsor(s) and/or participants in the class.

  • What payment forms are accepted for Sponsored Arbor Classes?

    The tuition for any Sponsored Arbor Class on the 2022-2023 schedule may be paid for using charter purchase orders or with Private Pay (Cash, Check payable to The Arbor Learning Community, Visa/Mastercard). Deposits must be paid with Private Pay. Charter funds are not accepted for a class deposit. All deposits and payments are made directly to The Arbor.

  • What does it take to get a class added to the 2022-2023 schedule?

    Because the Sponsored Arbor Class Program is a partnership between interested families and The Arbor, all of the following elements must come together for the class to be added to the schedule.
    1. The class has secured one or more Class Sponsor(s) and they have completed the Class Sponsorship Form.
    2. A strong interest list has been compiled in a designated tab of the Shared Contact List– (The interest list should only contain families that are interested in completing the registration process and taking the class in the 2022-2023 year).
    3. Teacher and facility availability is confirmed by The Arbor.

    If steps 1-3 above are met, the class is eligible to be added to the regular schedule, at which point, the Class Sponsor(s) will be notified by The Arbor to submit the non-refundable, applicable deposit.

    4. The non-refundable, applicable deposit must be paid within 48 hours.
    5. If class enrollment is less than six students on July 1, 2022, the Minimum Class Fulfillment Price must be either paid by the Class Sponsor(s) or coordinated by the Class Sponsor(s) for payment by the enrolled students in the class. Classes that do not meet the Minimum Class Fulfillment Price by July 1 are subject to cancellation. Classes canceled due to low enrollment are not eligible for deposit refunds.

    Please note: Class requests received by March 1, 2022 will receive priority consideration for the 2022-2023 schedule. Sponsored Arbor Class Lists with the greatest interest will also receive priority consideration.

Please see this info sheet for more information on the Sponsored Arbor Class process and pricing.

Express Interest

Interested in a Sponsored Arbor class? Complete this Initial Interest Survey.

*Please note that by completing the survey, you are authorizing The Arbor to put your information on a Shared Contact List for other interested families to view. 

Connect With Others Who Are Interested

Upon completion of the Initial Interest Survey, interested families will be granted access to a Shared Contact List*. Families are then invited to connect with other families as they consider becoming a Class Sponsor and taking the steps necessary for The Arbor to run the class. 

*This list is only to connect with other families. See below for how to sponsor a class or sign up for a class that has already been sponsored.

I've Decided to be a Class Sponsor!

1. Complete this Class Sponsorship Form.

2. See info sheet here for guidance on what to do as a Class Sponsor. 

Confirmed Sponsored Classes: These classes are confirmed to be on the 22-23 schedule

Algebra 1: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1st period

High School Chemistry: Thursdays, 2nd & 3rd period


If you have any questions, please contact us at registration@thearborlearningcommunity.com.